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The Most Interesting News Of 2017! And the Changes We Hope For in 2018


Over the year we have read tons of news, but some of them are just more memorable than others! Here are the stories that left a mark of the entire year! But how will things change in 2018? We hope that some of this news will no longer present an issue in our reality!

ER Stories: When Things Get Strange

On a Sunday evening, 14-year-old John DeTone was in-line skating with friends on his driveway when he tripped and fell on his arm. Half an hour later, his wrist started hurting. John’s dad phoned the emergency room (ER), and a nurse advised him to bring his son in. John, a fan of TV shows like “ER” and “Rescue” 911,” was a little nervous about going to the ER. Fortunately, the ER managed to save his wrist and organize a quick and necessary surgery.

Chase The Snoring Away!

In 2017 we have also found an effective cure for snoring!

Chronic snoring is an incredibly problematic condition that can lead to potentially fatal health issues like high blood pressure and heart disease which includes heart attacks and strokes. The repercussions of consistent snoring are very serious and can be easily prevented by putting an end to your snoring. There are several anti-snoring mouthpieces available that have been tried and tested, proving to immediately eliminate snoring, or at least significantly reduce it, by repositioning the jaw.



This repositioning restricts the tongue from falling back into the throat, blocking the airway and causing snoring. In addition to these mouthpieces, there are chinstraps and bands available that profess to accomplish the same results by advancing the lower jaw externally, rather than orally. These bands are 3 inches thick and made of soft material that splits into two thinner bands at the back to comfortably secure the band to your head. A band at the crown of your head and one at the base ensures that the chinstrap stays in place and keeps your jaw in the correct position.

The My Snoring Solution

The My Snoring Solution offers an anti-snoring chinstrap that claims to eliminate your snoring immediately by bringing your jaw forward while you sleep. Their chinstrap is designed to maintain an open airway to stop the back (soft palate) of your throat from relaxing too much and constricting the airway. Rather than focusing on the placement of the tongue, the band simply forces the airway to remain open throughout the night.

This may work for some people, particularly side-sleepers because the tongue is usually kept clear of the airway and the snoring may be the result of another issue, like the over-relaxed palate.

However, because chronic snoring is very often caused by the tongue blocking the airway, a chinstrap can prove ineffective. My Snoring Solution costs nearly twice as much as the majority of anti-snoring mouthpieces available which receive a much higher customer satisfaction rate. The My Snoring Solution chinstrap is a whopping $119.97 and is not able to claim a high success rate because it does not exist. While there are customers who have found this device effective and are happy with their purchase, the bank of customer complaints far exceeds the success stories.


Consumers have often found that the chinstrap does not reduce snoring at all, some have even claimed that the band made their snoring worse and that it is difficult to breathe while wearing the chinstrap. Even more, dozens of customers have complained about the My Snoring Solution return policy. Not only are you charged shipping and handling for returning the product but you are also charged a 25% disposal fee. In no way is the customer offered a full refund for their dissatisfaction.

In addition to the ineffectiveness of the product and the less than impressive customer service, people who have reviewed the chinstrap have also complained of neck and jaw soreness as well as excessive sweating. The band is only available in one size which some people have also complained is too small for the circumference of their heads. Wearing a chinstrap all night that wraps around your entire head is simply not a comfortable way to sleep.For nearly half the cost, an anti-snoring mouthpiece can be purchased that have been dentist-designed, FDA-approved and clinically proven to work.

The FDA: Strong On Monitoring Some Things, But Not On Sugar

When a fierce winter storm tossed the Santa Clara I in New Jersey coastal fishing waters on January 3, 1992, 432 drums of toxic arsenic trioxide washed over-board. As a salvage firm and the Coast Guard cleaned up the spilled cargo, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) swept into action. Thanks to the FDA, no contaminated seafood ever found its way into stores.


The FDA is on the scene after hurricanes, floods, and tornadoes, when foods damaged by floodwater or power loss threaten to compound public health problems. Monitoring cargo is even more in the spotlight these days, and we hope that control increases in 2018.

Stress Myths And How To Lower Yours

Myth #1: Only bad/unpleasant situations are stressful. Lists of stress-makers also include all kinds of happy events: weddings, graduations, a job promotion, moving to a now house, a new baby brother or sister, winning the lottery, and even falling in love. For instance? If you get into your first choice for college, you’ll be jumping for joy–but you’ll also have a whole new list of decisions, choices, and worries to handle.

Myth #2: In the best kind of world, there wouldn’t be any stress. BOR-ing! Too much peace can make us bored, restless, and miserable.

Stress is inevitable. But lowering stress is essential. In 2018 we hope that we suffer only from the good kind of stress and avoid the bad ones.

Data Loss And Hard Drive Recovery Services

Data loss is a massive problem in today’s society. Statistically, 6% of all the data stored on any hard drive (from laptops to phones to databases) gets lost every year. Although that sounds like a small amount, that 6% can make the difference between your child’s first steps, to a loss of your vital customer data and leads. According to the Strategic Research Institute, 50% of companies with a data outage lasting longer than ten days, will go out of business.


With these numbers, it makes incredible sense to have a data recovery service available to you in the short notice, so it would be wise if you would back up data in 2018 as well!

Groundwater: A Major Resource We Should Care For

Most of us have seen polluted streams and lakes. But one of the biggest threats to our drinking water is invisible because the water itself is underground. We asked Dr. Katta J. Reddy, a senior research scientist at the Wyoming Water Resources Center, to explain what groundwater is and why it needs to be protected.

What is groundwater?

Usually, groundwater is defined as the water trapped in the pores beneath the soil, in the pores in the rocks. It supplies our nation’s wells and springs. Groundwater moves like a river–fast at one place, and slowly at other places. We hope to focus on groundwater even more in 2018!

Are You Risking Hearing Loss?

Rick set the radio volume so he could barely hear the words, then turned off the car. “What are you doing?” asked Jeff.“My drumming magazine said this is a quick way to check the loudness of a rock concert. If we still can hear and understand the words on the radio after we’ve been to a concert, then the music wasn’t too loud,” Rick explained.


After the concert, Rick turned on the car radio, but the teens couldn’t hear anything. “That music gave us a short-term hearing loss.”Jeff shrugged. “One rock concert can’t hurt.” Yeah, but we hope that in 2018 we finally learn how to handle our exposure to loud noise responsibly.

Choking: How To Stop It And Save Lives

In November 1994, Christina Swick, 18, was on the school bus, headed home. As usual, the bus was filled with laughter and shouting. Then, someone in the back yelled out, “Hey, Charlie’s choking!”

At first, Christina and the other students from John S. Battle High School in Mendota, Virginia, didn’t react.

Charlie Carroll often sounds like he’s choking, even when he isn’t. He has Wilson’s disease, a neurological impairment due to excessive copper in the liver and brain. He can’t talk or control his muscles. Learning more about diseases can help you save lives, read more and educate yourself so that you too can be able to help.

Bad Hair Days Can Mean Bad Health

Have you ever noticed that when your hair looks good, you feel better? When you like how your hair looks, you have more confidence, you feel happier, and your whole outlook improves. If healthy hair can do all that, why ever again have a bad hair day?

The Long and the Short of Hair

The Long and the Short of HairThe main component of hair is a tough protein called keratin, which is produced by cells at the root of a hair. Each hair fiber is made up of three layers. The outer layer, the part you see, is called the cuticle. Handling your hair is just one of many ways in which you can take a good care of your overall appearance, but the role of impeccable hair is not to be neglected.

Smoking Still An Issue For Teens

What kills more people each year than AIDS, illegal drugs, car accidents, alcohol, homicides, suicides, and fires combined? With an annual death toll of more than 400,000, cigarette smoking is the number-one preventable cause of death and disease in the United States.

Of the 3,000 teens a day who become new smokers, 1,000 will die from a tobacco-related disease. Now new laws seek to stamp out teen smoking. We can only hope that 2018 will bring this problem to an end.

Hook ‘Em While They’re Young

Eighty-two percent of all adults who have ever smoked started before age 18. In 1994, almost 19 percent of eighth graders already were smoking.

Teens Need To Get Smart With Fitness

My name is Brian. The story I’m about to tell you is true. I’ve changed some of the names so I wouldn’t embarrass my friends, but it all happened just like this…

I was a pretty scrawny kid, but I thought I’d get bigger as a teenager. Well, I didn’t. In 10th grade, I was 5’9″ and weighed 125 lbs. The guys called me Bird Legs, which I didn’t mind so much, but the girls called me Mr. No Shoulders. Boy, did that hurt. I was too skinny to play football and not tall enough to play basketball, so I fitness ideas for 2018 are more than welcome!

When You’reStressin.’

Is life more stressful for American teens today than it was for their parents and grandparents? Most experts say yes, it is. Compared to teenagers of 20 or 30 years ago, today’s teens are more likely to: be poor (14 million U.S. children and teens–about one in four–live in a household where income is below poverty level).

Photo of Woman having insomnia in bed

Live with only one parent be homeless or in foster care face pressure to participate in sex, drinking, drugs, criminal activity, etc. therefore they feel “in danger” on the streets or at school knowing somebody who has died violently. Let’s just hope that 2018 will bring changes in this field as well.
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