Monday, January 25, 2021

Dick Durbin’s Still At War With The Radio


Chances are this is not the first time you hear about the problems senator Dick Durbin is having with the radio stations. Illinois Sen. Dick Durbin is nowadays actually hitting back hard at right-wing talk radio stations. Such as WTAD-AM in Quincy. And all of this because of one simple notice!

The radio has been refusing to send an official apology after violating the care event at an Illinois hospital.

What Does The Hospital Say?

At the down-central hospital, Dr. Laura commented on the event just shorty. Stating that the hospital has been meeting with the state officials to resolve the situation. The note has been sent from Senator Durbin’s office to plan the media events with the note that it should not be published.



However, upon the publication of the note, the Senator has felt violated and angry with reason. The calm discussion is supposed to take place with the local officials in the form of a tea party. But if you ask me, it is nothing short of rude.

What Did Other People Say About It?

The Chicago office official stated that any notice of future events would definitely be questioned upon this event, which puts everyone in danger. Does that mean we cannot say anything to anyone anymore?

Mike Moyers also expressed his disappointment in the message that was delivered over the STARadio. That they have chosen to silence the press.


What do you think of it? Who is right and who is wrong? How would you go about this situation and what would you advise the officials to do? Unfortunately, we are all experiencing the effects of their respective decisions, so the least we can do is even hypothetically provide a solution!

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