Wednesday, January 27, 2021

McConnell Stumps For Kirk, But Don’t Tell Anyone!


It has come to general public’s awareness that McConnell secretly stumps for Kirk, the GOP Senate. This Illinois issue is reported quietly as the campaign continues. The Senate in its minority led by Kirk in Quincy yesterday failed to express their tendencies to the local media and make their presence known.


It has been said that Kirk’s fundraising plans did not get the word of the involvement of McConnell, but the spokesperson who heard from Kirk let us know that McConnell also joined the congressman at this event which was held in the form of a fundraising breakfast. We hope that the morning plans will bring the fruit at the Springfield press conference which is to be held later afternoon.


The campaign initially tried to keep the McConnell’s appearances out of the limelight, precisely because of the concern that activists who were against the unemployment benefits might show up to rain on this otherwise successful parade. The reason for the concern was in fact induced by the fact that something similar already happened in Louisville on Wednesday last month when the legislation bill was pushed to a block.

Why Is Unemployment Such A Big Issue?

It helps to grasp a bigger picture. Surely, things are not great in Illinois, but that is just a part of the puzzle. In fact, it can be said that the problems we are facing in Illinois are global problems and they have increased in the last couple of years. The problems such as poverty, unemployment, and health services are also global issues.


The chances are that we in Illinois are having it much better than other parts of the world, but we are still not satisfied with the current situation either. Are looking for changes, be the change yourself. And you are unemployed, think of a startup business and employ not just yourself but others too. If we want to turn the economy around, we have to work hard and stop complaining; this is the only way the improvement and the changes we are waiting for, will come to us.

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