Wednesday, October 28, 2020

How to Make Your Home, Waiting Room or Office More Welcoming


Making visitors feel welcome and relaxed is important in both domestic and business situations, and there are three areas where it becomes especially important: the lobby of a home, a doctor’s or dentist’s waiting room, and an office. Making these areas more welcoming can bring dividends, whether that be measured in compliments from guests or increased business from customers, and it can be surprisingly easy to achieve. These three home and business décor tips can put you on the road to domestic and corporate success.

Creating a Lobby That Smiles

When you answer your door to a guest the first thing you do is smile, and hopefully they smile back in return. First impressions count, however, so if your entrance lobby is letting you down that smile can soon fade away. Ensuring that the entranceway to your home is bright can make a big difference to how your house as a whole is perceived, as scientists have found that bright and warm colors make people happier. These same colors can also make people who see them feel more alert mentally, which can lead to more engaging conversations over dinner. A stylish lamp outside the entrance to your home can also help, as well as showcasing that you take the design and styling of your house seriously.

Take the Pain Out of Waiting

There are some scenarios where we know that waiting is inevitable, such as at the airport departure lounge or when visiting a doctor or dentist, but that doesn’t make it any more pleasurable. Studies have shown that we are becoming increasingly less patient, and that’s because we are a fast-paced society who thinks that any second doing nothing is a second wasted. Doctors and dentists can combat this by playing waiting room videos in their practices. Alongside informational videos, a range of soothing videos can be shown, from traditional fish tanks to a roaring fireplace. Your patients will no longer feel that they’re sat aimlessly waiting, and it can help to take their mind away from any physical discomfort they may have.

A Welcoming Office is a Winning Office

More and more people across America are starting their own business, but whether you work for yourself or serve as a manager for an employer, your office is vitally important if you want to achieve success. Striking a deal with a new supplier or client is the key to generating and maintaining profits, and whilst meetings may take place elsewhere, deals are usually sealed in the office. It’s important that your office has a professional feel to it but is also free from clutter. A bookshelf can be a great office addition, especially when it’s lined with volumes relevant to your business. Also pay attention to your office chairs; the guest’s chair should never be inferior to yours, and ergonomically designed chairs can make the person sitting opposite you feel relaxed and free of back pain, making them more likely to strike a deal with you.

Homes, waiting rooms and offices can all become much more welcoming areas with a little attention to their furnishings, layout and décor. The key to making a guest feel welcome is to create a comfortable surrounding that makes them feel like they’re the most important person in the room. Home or office improvements needn’t be expensive, and the little things mentioned above can bring big improvements to your personal or business life.

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