Wednesday, October 28, 2020

Why Online Enquiries For Used Cars Are On The Increase


There’s a revolution taking place in the car market, but it’s not down to the new models from the likes of Ford and Toyota. The most striking thing about car sales in 2018 is that online enquiries for used cars are showing a sharp increase. This is driven by car buyers who are looking for a reliable vehicle at an affordable price, and it’s especially good news for used car owners who are looking to move up to a larger or newer model.

A Huge Increase In January 2018

January often brings a post-Christmas lull in retail markets, as shoppers rest their bank accounts after the holidays or concentrate on paying off their credit card bills. That makes the sharp increase in online used car enquiries even more startling, as Dealerweb reports a 24% growth compared to January 2017, and a 6.5% rise on the previous month when used car sales are traditionally strong. This makes the future look bright for individual sellers and used car dealers, as projections continue to show strong growth in the purchase of cars over the internet throughout 2018 and beyond.

Added Convenience, Added Value

The reasons for the substantial growth in online used car searches can be put down to three factors: added convenience, improved technology, and added value. How we shop has changed dramatically over the last decade, with consumers choosing to purchase online rather than through traditional retailers. This shows little sign of stopping, and online retail sales worldwide are expected to double between 2016 and 2020. Consumers inquiring about used cars online have the convenience of being able to undertake a search from the comfort of their own home, and technological advances mean that many websites now allow people to take a virtual look around a car from all angles. Searching online also allows consumers to quickly compare prices on similar cars at a myriad of dealerships, ensuring that they get the best possible price when they make a purchase.

Used Cars Versus Broken Cars

The online searching and buying boom in the car trade means that there’s never been a better time to sell a used car, but it also makes the market significantly more competitive. It’s imperative that a used car is in good condition if it’s to sell, but owners looking to sell broken car or make money from a damaged car have no need to despair. Increasing numbers are turning to specialist companies who are willing to buy broken and non-running cars, saving the owner the need to pay to have them scrapped and allowing them to reinvest the money in a new vehicle.

It’s little surprise that the boom in online sales and inquiries seen in general retail should reach the used car market. After all, whether a consumer wants a new motor vehicle, the latest gadget, or simply their household shopping, the same need for value and convenience reigns supreme. It’s a win-win situation for car dealers and potential buyers that’s helping to drive further growth in the American economy.

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