Sunday, October 4, 2020

Stressful Situations That We Cannot Avoid


When people talk about the stress, they usually think of an unpleasant situation in our lives that causes us to ‘stress out’. In fact, the terminology is not to our understanding of what stress is. Stress happens when our body and mind is going through something we have not encountered before, a situation that is full of changes and different experiences. This may be positive as well.


The stressful situations require that we adapt and change ourselves, which is often achieved with our bodies making tons of hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol to help us slow down the time and give us enough time to react to the new situation. If this makes sense, then you will easy understand how some of the most beautiful periods in everyone’s life can cause great stress. Here are some of the stressful situations all of us will go through in a lifetime, and the situations that we will not be able to avoid, only to deal with and learn how to handle.

Life And Death

Life is inevitable as much as death is. Everything that is alive will have to stop existing at some point and die. Some of the most stressful situations are witnessing a death in the family or the death of a loved one. However, it is one of the things that you will not be able to avoid in life.

The same amount of stress, even though positive, is accompanied by the birth of a baby. However, this is a much more pleasant experience.

Education And University

Going to the university is full of stress, but not because of the exams, but because of the changes. Suddenly, you change not just your friends, but also your teachers.


Your routine, your learning habits, your town sometimes and sometimes even your country. Learning how to handle all of this at a delicate age can be defining your personality.

Getting A Job

Stressful-situations-change-the-way-our-brains-process-informationGetting a job is also stressful for the same reasons. However, the majority of people out there will have to learn how to handle it at some point. It is essential to become a functioning member of society.

Getting Sacked

Where is a job there is also the unemployment? However, to deal with it, you will have to learn how to pick yourself up and start again.

Marriage And Divorce

One of the biggest stress factors after a death of a loved one is going though a divorce. However, did you know that getting married is stressful as well? To avoid it, just don’t get married.

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